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Disadvantages and advantages of using computer technology in decision making

ccAs the technology gets better, the computers can make some informed decision which the office workers and managers may not have enough time to make. Such decisions can be to crunch the profit numbers in order to determine the future profits and to determine the layoffs or to gauge if the global offices have to stay open or not. If you want to evaluate if the decision made by the computer is the right one for your company or not, then you have to implement further technology in the corporate strategy.

The technology of computer increases the storage. Even if the human brains are capable of processing a high level of the information, the computer can contain even more information and data, and this depends on the storage space of the computer. The computer can have a high level of the information which cannot be contained by the brain alone like the complex equations and algorithm needed for the decision making which may lead to good results.

Computers are able to process the information in a faster and accurate way. An advantage to when the computer make the decision, is that the decision is going to be made faster and also accurately compared to the human brain since it can hung up for different factors and this involves the decision which led to slow results. The people can be tired and can suffer inaccurate decision while the well tuned computer is alert and it can process the reams of the information and it will not be tired or bored while making the decision.

Expensive computers are the computer with the right technology, the right equipment and the right computer memory. However, this is one of the setbacks of the computer technology because not everyone can afford expensive computers. The cost of the computer professional who will write the algorithm that you need, increases the cost of the computers in general. Another problem of technology is that it becomes obsolete faster since technology is always advancing and it is always made to be better.

When the computers are used most of the time to make the decision, some managers may feel as if their own decision making is not given the importance and this may diminish the morale of the employee. However, as the people can use rational and subjective, the computer is always rational. When the subjectivity is eliminated in the process of the decision making, the result will miss some elements which should have been of concern.

The computer technology is found in different areas such as music player or IPod, modern appliances, cell-phone, CD player and ATM. The negative impacts that are caused by the technology are errors, loss of privacy, crime, poor customer service, alienation and unemployment.

The general positive benefits brought about by the technology are cost and time savings, less effort and convenience, many transaction options, new types of jobs, the improvement in the crime fighting and in customer care, few errors and satisfactions. There are few errors that take place, new ways of communication and new ways of entertainment.

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5 most useful technologies for the extraordinary benefits

Talking about the science and information technology makes the topic more interesting when it is related to the human beings. No doubt, science is making progress in almost all the fields and 2sectors but it is important to see how it is going to improve the life on this planet. The modern technologies being developed, tested and improved will definitely bring changes in the world. This is a reason why people should take interest in the modern technologies introduced by the technology industry. In this article¸ we have a list of considerable technologies directly related to the humans.

  1. MRI Scan:

Let’s remove the confusion. It is not the simple MRI scan that is performed at hospitals and clinics to identify the damages, malfunctioning and blood clots in human brain. The newly introduced MRI scan is related to the Human memory and brain reading. This technology has been tested successfully in Texas, USA in September 2014. The most amazing fact about the experiment is that the patient (Anthony Broussard) who was a software developer and he was paid $1,400 for this test. This MRI scan has an amazing capability to record the human memories for future and it can read the current thoughts without any error. Is it amazing? Wait for it.

  1. Invisibility cloaks:

These cloaks have been improved by using the laser stitching. Recently, the scientists at University of Cambridge developed a new method to create an invisible meta-material with the help of laser technology. However, this technology will be introduced for military purposes.

  1. Smart contact lenses:

Actually, the Smart Contact Lenses have been developed to measure the Glucose level in the human tears. It sounds ridiculous but it is true. Human tears are considered a big mystery for the scientists. Very less information about the human tears is available because of the lack of protocols and techniques to study them. With the help of this tiny lens, it will be possible for the experts to find the reasons why human tears are so special and what is the connection between glucose level and tears. Remember, this technology is 100 % computer based.

  1. Light wavelength recorder:

It is a camera that has been improved to record the movement of light. Light is a big source of information but scientists are unable to decode it. Just like human DNA, the wavelength and prism of light contains so many secrets about the origin on this universe. Movement of light is the starting point to capture the prism as well as wavelength. The light wavelength recording camera is just an example. It is at initial stages but it will get more improvements to decode the mysteries and secrets behind the origin of this universe.

  1. Bendable batteries:

Carrying heavy batteries will no longer be required after introduction of Bendable Batteries. These are thin, weightless and foldable batteries that can be recharged when required. Lower cost, easy mobility and long lasting energy utilization are some prominent features of this modern battery.

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